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    Copyright Violation

When creating a website with such a great number of avatars, it's impossible to check every source of the avatars which are sent to us. If you notice that any avatar is a copyright violation, please, let us know, giving the details of the perticular avatar (link) as well as its source. We'll immediately remove them from our website. We don't want to offend anyone, just like we don't want to be offended. We don't have any intention to steal other people's works, so if you spot one which is yours, contact us immediately, and we'll remove it or place a direct link to your web site as a form of gratitude for your permission.

AvatarsLand is not a commercial site as the adverstisment covers the cost of hosting. All presented avatars are free and have been gathered to serve users of various discussion forums. Appreciate others' work and visit the artists' sites in the 'sources' section.

Thank you in advance

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